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Chemical Companies  
Basildon Chemicals was formed in 1971 by Kelvin Bryon. With his knowledge of the silicone market he could see a need for a manufacturer of specialty silicone products, especially emulsions. Since that date, the company has grown to become an established supplier of an extensive range of silicone products.
Incorporated in January 1941 as Hindustan Color Chemicals Manufacturing Company and subsequently rechristened as SAYAJI INDUSTRIES LTD.
The company is the largest manufacturer of Starches, Liquid Glucose, Dextrose Monohydrate, Anhydrous Dextrose and Sorbitol in India, employing around 1100 personnel and has a distribution network throughout the country.
Caspian Chemical  
History of Axxom/ Caspian group of companies - a well known leading supplier of raw chemical materials to Middle East and CIS markets ­ dates back to more than 40 years ago. The company was established in 1964 and strongly developed her business as one of the leading suppliers of raw materials to various industries in the region.
Cayley Chemical  
Cayley Chemicals are international chemical traders, specializing in the sale of Raw Chemical Materials to the industry throughout Africa, Middle East & South America. The main industries supplied are Detergents, Water Treatment, Food, Cosmetic, Leather Paint and Industrial Chemical Distributors.
SAP INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION S.A., a 100% family owned company, is active in manufacturing fertilizers, agrochemicals, animal nutrition & health products, as an independent export trading company or acting as an exclusive export office of various Belgian & Foreign Manufacturers.
Ocean Trading  
The Ocean Trading Corporation has carved a niche for itself, as a supplier of specialty chemicals, bulk drugs, herbal extracts, agrochemicals, veterinary products, dyes & pigments and their intermediates, since its inception in 1985 and enjoys the trust and confidence of international leaders in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
Keller & Bohacek  
The company was founded in Halle on 2.1.1926 and named Rostschutz GmbH until the 30’s. At first the company constructed zinc coating plants, particularly for the manufacture of highly galvanized wires. Many European plants were made by Keller & Bohacek. Besides this main activity until 1939 ADACID Pickling Inhibitors for the steel industry as well as KEBOCOR Corrosion Inhibitors were already developed and produced.
Cosmetic Companies  
M.L.B. is one of the leading French manufacturers of seals for the cosmetics and agriculture & food industries. Specializing in the fabrication of pharmaceutical and screw caps in very large production series, M.L.B. unites both precision stamping and printing quality in its production lines.
LUNA GROUP, founded in 1966 is a group of companies which have acquired expertism in the development and manufacturing of Para Pharmaceuticals, Decorative Cosmetics, Flavor & Perfumery Compounds (for toilet Soap), as well as in distribution of all raw materials for Pharmaceutical, Food, Oil, Soap, Detergents & Cosmetic in Egypt and some Middle East countries.
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