Al fijaj Company
 for General Trading
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Because your projects embed the prosperity of our beloved homeland serving you is our own need and is an honor.

We provide your logistic and material needed for your projects better than we would do it for ourselves. When you have us you don't need to worry about anything. Don't hesitate in coming to us. We serve you the best in fields such as:

  1. Oil equipments and tools
  2. Chemicals (raw materials)
  3. Production lines and packing machines
  4. Oil and water pumps (available in stock)
  5. Electrical and lightening equipments
  6. Generators
  7. Electronics and internet systems
  8. Printing, publishing and curricular preparation Items
  9. Different kind of tools from Knipex (available in stock)
  10. Elevators
  11. Ambulances
  12. Cars, trucks, forklifts, construction equipments
  13. Drugs and medical equipments
  14. Elevators