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About Us
Who are we?

Al Fijaj Construction Company is one of the sister companies of AS Group for Commercial Agencies and Construction. We were founded in 2003 and since then we have successfully carried on several contracts in all ranges. Maybe it would be worthwhile mentioning that at the first three months of our foundation the values of our contracts in construction surged up to 3 million US dollars.

In order to meet the needs of a progressive Iraq and our honorable customers we are enhancing our activities and upgrading our work daily. We are trying to acquire ISO Certificate as well as buying productive factories and workshops that would serve our progressive attitude and motto.

Would you care to know our cadre?

Our highly educated and experienced cadre consists of architects, engineers, technicians, legal advisors, administrators, superintendents, supervisors, foremen and etc. Engineers build up 52.5% of our staff. This staff is capable of finding all solutions and solving any problem that might be a challenge to any project. Our staff very well understands the significance of accuracy, punctuality and discipline.
The apportionment of our staff in different departments is as follow:
Studies and Design Dept. 3 Architects, 3 Civil, 3 Electrical and Communication and 3 Mechanical Engineers; Total of 12 personnel
Project Dept. 10 Civil Engineers, 24 Technical Supervisors, 7 Electrical and Communication Engineers, 6 Mechanical Engineers; total of 47 personnel
Quality Control Dept. 2 Civil, 2 Electrical and Communication and one Mechanical Engineer; total of 5 personnel
Legal Advisor One advocate
Finance Dept. Contracts 2, supply 1, wages & salaries 1 dedicated personnel
Trade Dept. 2 warehouses (14 personnel), 3 research personnel, 3 personnel for pricing and 6 advocated for supplying equipment and materials
Computer and Internet total of 12 engineers; 6 in computers and 6 in internet
Administration Dept. 4 highly qualified personnel
Organizational Structure Chart for the Construction Department
Organizational Structure Chart
How Do We Guarantee the Progress of Your Project?
In addition to our qualified staff and the well-developed hierarchy of our department which undoubtedly leads to a well piloted project we are supported by our sister companies that provide us with all logistics, equipment and material needed in our projects. To guarantee that even more ASG has also a branch in Canada to facilitate its communication and trading with other companies and manufacturers around the globe.