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About Us

What Are We?

Alaa Sa'adi Yousif Bureau was founded in 1988 and has played a distinguished role in export and import sector of the Iraq's economy as well as its general trading. This Bureau has fulfilled many contracts in relation with importing various raw and semi-finished materials as well as other items needed for a growing industry. We are one of the members of the ASG or AS Group for Commercial Agencies and Construction that is founded in 2003

How Can We Help You?

To answer that question it is worth mentioning that since our establishment we have imported great number of items such as chemicals, raw materials for drug industry, various kinds of machinery and pumps, cooling and heating systems, fire fighting equipment, alarm systems, elevators and computers along with their accessories into Iraq.

So it is more than obvious that in any project that you might have in mind we are your answer for its need-abouts. This has been our task for years so we well know how to carry it on. In addition to importing materials, this Bureau has been active in exporting Industrial and Oil Products. We are the one you can trust.

What is the good news?

We have branches both in United Arab Emirates and Canada. Through the ASG branch in Canada we are always actively in contact with the world's most famous manufacturers and producers in all fields.

What's new?

To help our customers reach all parts of Iraq, our group is opening branches in different governorates of the country.

Events We Attend and Participated

Conference & Exhibition list:

  1. The International exhibition for the Reconstruction of Iraq (Out Reach 2004), January 10- 13, 2004, Amman/ Jordan.
  2. The International trade exhibition for the Rebuilding of Iraq, 19- 23, January, 2004, Kuwait.
  3. Iraqi economic forum, 17- 20 March 2004, Beirut/ Lebanon .
  4. Iraqi- Arab Alliance conference for reconstruction, trade & investment, 20- 22 March, 2004, Bahrain.
  5. Buma exhibition for construction, 29/ 3 to 4/ 4 2004, Germany .
  6. Iraq program management (PMO), April 25, 2004 Amman/ Jordan.
  7. Re-Building Iraq (2005), Amman/ Jordan 17/ 4, 21/ 4, 2005.
  8. Iraqi Development Program, Amman/ Jordan, 28/ 6 ­ 30/ 6 2005
  9. 3 rd rebuilding Iraq 25- 26 Conference and Expo Feb., 2004 Washington DC
  10. 4th rebuilding Iraq 20- 21 Conference and Expo July, 2005, Washington DC